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Secondary Containment

Pro-Tec Enviro deals with multiple tanks, pipes, and obstacles in tank farms, containing liquids and maintaining compliance with regulations can be challenging. However, Pro-Tec Enviro offers a solution using the latest technology in spray applied polyurea liners.

For existing tank farms, Pro-Tec Enviro can apply a spray liner in place without the need for costly tank moving or lifting operations. As long as there is enough space, our liners can be applied and sealed under any existing tank installation.

For new tank farms, Pro-Tec Enviro sprays onsite, allowing for smaller crews and faster installation times compared to other containment systems.

Our seamless liners require zero additional hardware to attach to surfaces, making it easy to contain around protrusions and 3D obstacles. Pro-Tec Enviro custom fits all their spray liners to any new or existing containment area, matching the topography of the environment.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, liners should be applied to clean and dry surfaces for excellent adhesion to any substrate. With Pro-Tec Enviro's spray applied liners, tank farm containment becomes a more efficient and cost-effective process.

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