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Helping Our Clients to Protect Their Assets

At Pro-Tec Enviro, we utilize state-of-the-art coatings and equipment to support our clients in environmentally-sensitive scenarios. Our focus is to assist our clients in meeting the highest standards through a range of containment applications, including Secondary Containment systems, tank farms, pond linings, sumps, trenches, and others. We work closely with each client to create customized turn-key solutions tailored to their unique requirements.


Our Services

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Secondary Containment

We offer a range of services including the installation of engineered zero ground disturbance metal containment walls, which do not require post holes or support braces. These walls meet Alberta's D55 requirements and, when combined with our polyurethane spray, create a strong and durable barrier that can resist even the most potent chemicals on the market. Our walls are customizable and available in heights ranging from 12" to 54", and can be designed and installed for any type of configuration system. We can also include cross-over stair packages for operational access.

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Pipeline Spray Foam

Specially developed for pipelines, our rapidly expanding spray foam fills large voids and expanses often seen with pipeline ditches. Our spray foam is a quick and cost-effective way to protect your pipe in rocky conditions. It provides stability and support to the pipeline structure and keeps ditch lines and hillsides in place. In addition, it creates a complete seal and diverts water for a total erosion barrier.

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Spray Applied Liners 

We utilize cutting-edge technology in the application of our secondary containment systems through spray applied polyurethane liners and equipment. These liners are seamless and do not require additional hardware for attachment to surfaces or around piping, piles, concrete, or metal surfaces.

Designed to match the topography of the surrounding environment. This makes containment around pipe and pile protrusions or other 3-dimensional obstacles a much simpler task compared to traditional sheet lining membranes. Additionally, our product can be applied to any clean and dry surface, ensuring excellent adhesion to any substrate for maximum effectiveness.


Spill Response

We offer comprehensive emergency response management services for commercial and industrial environments, from initial response to final remediation and reclamation. With our technical expertise and extensive experience, we provide a broad range of solutions to help our clients address unplanned release events and restore affected environments. Our goal is to minimize the impacts of these events and ensure a swift return to normal operations.


Soil Bag & Drum Removal/Disposal

We offer a fixed rate for soil bag removal services across the province, with additional charges for remote areas. To facilitate soil removal, we only require the location of the bags and analytical data obtained from the laboratory. Our bag runs are conducted on a weekly basis, ensuring that the soil bags are removed promptly and not left on your site for extended periods. You can rely on our timely and efficient soil removal services.


Environmental Remediation

Our goal is to assist you in minimizing your environmental liabilities. To achieve this, we will collaborate with you to formulate a cost-effective Remediation Action Plan that caters to the needs of the client, project, and regulatory requirements. We will employ traditional methods or devise customized site-specific remediation plans using alternative options as necessary.


Hot Shot Trucking

Discover our Hot Shot Trucking Services, where speed and reliability meet seamless transportation solutions. We're your go-to team for swift and secure delivery of time-sensitive cargo. Our dedicated drivers and specialized fleet ensure your freight reaches its destination promptly and safely. Count on us for efficient and professional service, whether it's a small parcel or a large load. Experience peace of mind with our commitment to excellence, ensuring your shipments arrive on time, every time.

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